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And the day comes to an ends when the sun sets

Jacka - Zara | T-shirt - Pojkvännens | Shorts - Loppis/hemmagjorda | Skor - Converse

I dreamed a dream in time gone by

This movie will be a masterpiece

NYX Cosmetics (freakin' unbelivable)

At Gran Canaria I was at a store called Beautik. (a really good cosmetic store with cheap but good make-up),
I was looking for a new concealer, and as I suffer from pimples and redness I always look after great concealers who without makeing me look al layerd on can conceal even the hardest flaws.

But I had never heard about the make-up in this store and I was actully trying to find a M.A.C concealer, because I've heard they had good stuff - but beautik. didn't have that brand.
So my eyes fell on another brand NYX Cosmetics, also in the store they had a new "make-up kit" from NYX who  was for the new movie Dark Shadows - I who likes to go and see make-up videos on youtube had seen a girl use it in one of her videos and so I thought they must have good stuff because well, the make-up looked awsome on the girl ;)

And so I started looking for a concealer and I found one rather quickly as well - the
NYX HD Photogenic concealer.
The price was only 4 euros someting so it wasn't even expencive, so I thought
"Äh, What the hell, let's just buy it and see if it's any good, if not just throw it away and find another one.."

And I must say that was my BEST buy ever when it comes to make-up for HOLY CRAP that concealer was freakin' unbelivable! I have never used anything like it before, my flaws just vanishes like magic, I was honsetly in chock.
And that's not even the best part - it lasts like FOREVER! I Have now used it almost 2 months and it's still some left!? And it was SO cheap! 
And also my skin dosen't take damage from it! That's like wow! I who always had trouble with pimples and make-up conected don't have to worry about it with this little amazing thing.

I know it might sound that I'm exaggerating but no I'm not, I can't promise that it will work the same for you because make-up works differently on each person but I had to tell you guys about this amazing piece of wonders, so that you as me can take part of NYX amazing products.

And also what I've heard is that most of NYX products are really good, when you search on google you almost only find good reviews about the products.

And what I'v understood their policy is to make professional high-quality make-up but at an affordable price, ain't that awsome? ;D

You can find their products at their website Nyx Cosmetics
And for us who lives in scandinavia, you can find them here NellyElevenCosmeti
(And probably somewhere else)

Summer at home

Last friday (20.7.2012) I went to my friend Janina's place at Vårdö. (Yeah, I went with the bus!? When u don't have a car... what can u do...)

It was such a nice summers day - 30 degrees in the sun! Awsome!
So we decided to go her bf's bridge and sunbath. It was so nice lying there looking over the sea, the blue sky and the forest around.

I love this island, I love my home <3

Festival day 1

Pictures from day 1 of Rockoff 2012 - Rebecca and Fiona playing ;)

My darling Janina and I chillin' on the city hall hill.
While everyone was rockin' inside we were rockin' outside, and I must say we were awsome <3